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June 2016



Office Matters



The UKSSB Website

Has been serially developed over the last few years and currently has more than 20 subsections and serves as a point of communication for the Spinal Care community and related projects. It hosts all information about the NHSE Improving Spinal Care Project. To respond to the growing demand for information and improved communication coming from the Spinal community and related technical issues the website is being revised and redeveloped. Any suggestions for the functionality, design and purpose of the new website are welcome.

   for the post of Honorary Secretary (unremunerated post) will be held on 8 July, 2016

Spine Matters Publication Dates: January , May and September

New Members of the UKSSB Board
David Cumming was appointed as the Secretary of BASS at the Annual General Meeting at BritSpine in April. He is a Spinal Surgeon at Ipswich Hospital.

Colin Natali succeeds Harshad Dabke as the lead of the Private Practice Advisory Group (PPAG).