UKSSB Quarterly eBulletin
June 2016





This is an attempt to inform and thereby empower the spinal services community. It is designed to:

   Provide an immediate overview of the several workstreams which currently, or in the near future, will directly affect spinal services both within and without the NHS; and which organisations and individuals are contributing to these.

   Share knowledge of the different societies’ news and developments that may be of relevance without those societies themselves. (It is not intended to replace or duplicate the content of individual societies’ newsletters).

   Provide a précis of the continuing work of advisory bodies which impact on our subject (NICE, Acute Oncology Measures, etc)

   Provide a notice board for:

-  Spinal and other relevant society events

-  Non-clinical posts of professional interest (RCS, JCST, BOA Board of Examiners, NICE, GMC, etc)

   It is not intended that this eBulletin will be exhaustive, rather a rapid digest to inform and point to more detailed resources (as e-links, where available, or to relevant websites). The UKSSB website now has a reference document section to which additions will be made as they evolve.

Suggestions for improvements are very welcome. Please send these to l.nahodilova@boa.ac.uk

Anticipated publication will be three times a year in January, May and September. These may vary slightly to include relevant breaking items. This edition has been delayed to allow incorporation of some of the feedback from BritSpine.