UKSSB Quarterly eBulletin
January 2016



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BritSpine 2016 – Nottingham 6th- 8th April 2016


Nas Quraishi – local host

This year's meeting and exhibition will be taking place at the Nottingham Conference Centre. In addition to the main paper presentations, there are a number of unique sessions for 2016 including:

• A 'Grandmasters of Spine Symposium' with past spinal masters sharing their wealth of experience,
• A must-attend session on 'Informed Consent in the Post-Montgomery era',
• A number of important and politically charged discussions in the 'Spine Care Strategy 2020' session,
• The first combined British Scoliosis Society / Scoliosis Research Society Worldwide event at a BritSpine conference with internationally renowned speakers and experts,
• An AOSpine Instructional Session,
• A brand new 'Best of the Best' papers session.

Once again there is a pre-meeting trainees' cadaver lab that will be held at the Queens Medical Centre but new for 2016, there is a Spine Masterclass focusing on 'Management of Spinal Complications' that will run on the afternoon of Tuesday 5th April at the Nottingham Conference Centre.
On Friday afternoon 8th April there will be two additional meetings bringing spinal care "Together":
• Spinal Transformation and Pathfinder meeting with interactive workshops. This will introduce these major initiatives from NHS England and enable participant feedback through workshops to enhance project implementation.
• Patient, Carer & Public Involvement & Engagement (PCPIE), a patient forum open to support groups and patients alike.