UKSSB Quarterly eBulletin
September 2015





•       BOA Regional Advisers/RCSEng Regional Specialty Professional Advisers

The BOA is still considering applications for two RCSEng Regional Specialty Professional Adviser/BOA Regional Adviser vacancies. The vacancies will cover the following regions:
­       South West England - 1 vacancy
­       Northern Ireland - 1 vacancy

These roles are crucial for enabling the BOA and the College to connect with members at a local level and are a key aspect of the partnership between the BOA and the College in creating a unified voice for surgery.  The RSPAs/RAs sit on the local RCS Professional Affairs Board.  The deadline for applications is 11th September 2015; please visit our website for more information on the role and how to apply.


•       JCST, BOA/SBNS committees, NICE, (under development)


•       Sporadic - Other related